Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Out of the Loop

I've been reading Stickles' obessive blogging about The OC and I realized I have almost no idea what she is talking about. I know The OC is a TV show about a set of teenagers, but I have no clue what channel, day or time the show comes on.

Now, I realize that I've been home from Africa for well over a year now and at some point it's going to have to stop being my excuse. However, not yet.

I have missed the entertainment boat on several pop culture phenomenons. I missed the Survivor/reality TV craze that swept (is still sweeping?) the nation. Trishelle from the Real World Las Vegas was about as reality as I got. I was in Spain when American Idol first started and when I got back, I never caught on. And now The OC, which began while I was still pissing in a hole and cutting the heads off my dinner.

So please, oh Goddess Cristin. Fill me in with the info for the Blessed OC so I too may partake in at least one pop culture event of my time!


Cristin said...

YOU. JUST. WAIT. I am coming with the thunder on this one. Might take a few days, cause if I were to work on it continuously I would clearly get fired. But it will be yours. Oh yes. It will be yours.

Cliff said...

You need to read my friend Laura's journal entry from 2/24. Pay particular attention to the part about her friend MS...
I love you!