Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mistakes We Make

I'm beginning to wonder if that decision I made is going to affect me for the rest of my life.

I'm finishing a book now, The Memory Keepers Daughter. The basic premise is that a man makes a choice thinking he is doing the best for himself and his family, but it's an immoral choice, and he hides it from everyone but one person. The outcome of that decision haunts him for the rest of his life, destroys his family. You know, the typical "immoral secrets are a bitter poison" storyline.

But it got me thinking---what are the secrets in my life that could potentially haunt me? Have I made these decisions yet? Already, is a small secret, a choice, a decision, burrowing its way into my soul, making me bitter, unforgivable, angry? Has something I've already done begun to sour my future?

I can think of a few things.


Anonymous said...

Instead of thinking of your choices as "immoral" or right vs wrong, think of them as "amoral". Some choices just are. There is no right nor wrong about them. There are choices that just need to be made....competely amorally. And in this era, immorality is of our own making. As well as morality.

Lindsay said...

I wonder ... every single day.

Anonymous said...

Some nights, like tonight, I am paralyzed with the thoughts of it all.