Saturday, May 24, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig!

I am not sure that I spelled "Jiggety" correctly.

But anyways, I am back in Albuquerque after a quick trip home to VA to see my family. What a joy to be home. The Bean charmed the pants off of everyone she met--she was quite the little trooper. Only one day of meltdown the entire week and that was after a party the night before at her BFF Emma's house.

Flying with a four-month-old infant was quite the thrill. I'm truly amazed at how rude people are when they see a baby board a plane. Some are even outright hostile. One woman who boarded after her husband (sitting behind me) hissed at him, "How could you choose these seats! There's a BABY in front of us." I was seriously tempted to hold The Bean up over the seat and let the spit-up pour down. I refrained.

However, the woman sitting next to me did not hold in her vomit. I've probably flown close to fifty times in my life--across the world, for crying out loud--and I've NEVER seen anyone vomit into the flight bag. But she did. The whole flight. She also reeked of day-old booze. I was tempted to tell her not to drink herself into a coma the night before a flight across the country. I refrained.

So I'm home and summer is starting. Days are dragging out, the sun is hotter than ever and I am truly at peace.

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Lindsay said...

I hate douchebag travelmates. Did I ever tell you about the horrible flight attendant on the way to Hawaii? Remind me to tell you that one. I'm not surprised the Bean was a gem. I knew she would be! :)