Sunday, September 11, 2011

Secret Fulfillment

I love being domesticated. Leisurely weekends, cleaning, cooking and making my house a home are my favorite weekends.  It is my secret fulfillment to center myself around my home, even for just one day a week.

Busy weekends are enjoyable, of course--catching up with old friends, dinners out, nights out, play dates and pools.  But I love Sundays when I wake up slowly, drink coffee around the house in my pajamas, catch up on reading.  I sort the mail in my bare feet, plan out my menu, make lists of what I need to do.

I love to do the wash, make the bed with clean white sheets, put out fresh towels for the week.

I wear my inside clothes all day, put on my apron and cook meals for both tonight and later in the week.

There is something sacred about a day of creating order in preparation for the chaos of the week, knowing that as the busy days march forward, I have groceries stocked in the refrigerator, my counters are clean and I am ready to start the week.


That gentleman's lady said...

I love cooking :)

That's my "thing" to do. But not every day. Only when I'm in the mood.

Alex Dissing said...

There really is no place like home - especially a clean home.