Thursday, March 10, 2005


Sorry it's been awhile (yes, Stickles, I am alive and breathing--thank you for your concern). Having houseguests means less time to spend idly surfing the internet for hours. Unfortunately, it also means less time for school work and job (which means a lot of catching up).

However, the Barbster and I had a blast. The weather was a little shaky at first, but by Wednesday, it was a balmy 83 degrees. Barb left with a nice pink tinge to her skin and I'm glowing a nice brown. We did some drinking as well, as no visit to Tucson is complete without a trip to the Bay Horse and it's giant chair.

The kitties loved her, of course, since they love anything that pet them. My friends loved her, of course, since they love me. It was nice having someone around, too. Sometimes, I can go a whole day without saying a word to another human being.

Barb also assisted me in getting measured for this summer wedding's bridemaids dress. Now, I wear a size 12. I'm in the middle of the size 12 range. Not too tight, not to loose. Just right. I haven't gained weight. According to Juliette's Bridal by Ivana, I wear a size 18W! 18fuckingW!!!

I know that bridal shit runs small, but that's an enormous difference, especially since I fit into the size 14 dress on the rack (yes, it zipped up all the way). And, since it's a fat girl size, I have to shell out $15 extra. I can just see that I pay the $15, I get the dress, it's a complete bag and they have to tailor it down to a size 14. I am going to be pissed.

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