Friday, February 23, 2007

You Are Now Entering the Twilight Zone

The drive back from Denver took forever. Not as long as the drive there (we took the senic route and a long lunch in Santa Fe--11 hours worth of car ride!), but still upwards of 8 hours.

I napped for awhile, read my book, ate gummi bears (red is my new favorite). But nothing could change the boring factor of this drive. And boring it is. I never realized that Colorado and northern New Mexico was so flat. Here in the central area, there's mesas and craggy mountains to break up the flatlands. But much of the I-25 between ABQ and Denver looks like the midwest--flat and boooooring.

Weathermen predicted a snowstorm, so we tried to make good time, but the snow started about two hours north of Santa Fe...and it was the strangest snowstorm I've ever driven through.

We didn't need the windshield wipers. Not once. The stow wasn't sticking on anything. The wind was blowing the snow up and around the car. The headlights illuminated the flakes and it looked like we were driving into a tunnel of snow, not a flake of which landed on the windshield. Actually, what it looked like was that old standby screen saver from Microsoft or the old Starwars movies. It looked like we were driving through stars, at light speed, hurdling through time and space to some unknown destiny in a glaxy far, far away.

But really, all I was headed for was home. And even though a huge part of me wants to be anywhere but here, a tiny part of my heart couldn't wait to be back.

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Iggy Enigma said...

i love the star wars imagery... and the twilight zone reference... i have childhood memories of you telling me twilight zone stories on the playground. come to think of it i can still remember some of them!