Friday, July 20, 2007

Paralyzing Decision

I am so excited. Like 90% of the world's population, I've been looking forward to this event the second after I read the last word of "Harry Potter and the Sorcer's Stone."

But I am also incredibly stupid. Until Tuesday, I thought the release of HP7 was on the July 27, not the 21. Consequently, I have not reread any of the books. I recently got a hookup with a rep at Simon and Schuster (New Mexico: Land of Who You Know); said hook-up mails me any book they publish as part of her job as "Publish Rep." When I discovered I was mistake about the HP7 release date, I was in the middle of another historical fiction involving the last of Henry the VIII's wives.

I was torn. Reread the Best.Books.Ever or continue reading a compelling saga of the English courts circa 1540? I chose the book I was already consuming.

Now I'm panicking that my HP7 will arrive tomorrow before 7 pm and I will have questions and confusion about RAB and Horcruxes. How far back do I go? Start with HP1 or can I just reread the most recently published?

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Sean O'Hara said...

I've already finished Book 7 (there've been scans of it online since Monday), and I can tell you there are lots of references to previous books, and just about every character who's still alive gets mentioned -- remember Gregorovitch, Stan Shunpike, and Grindelwald? However, I think most of them are clear from context. You could probably get away with rereading just Book 6, paying close attention to every scene with Dumbledore in it.

I'm just mad there's not enough Luna -- she should be on every page, as far as I'm concerned, talking about crumple-horn snorkacks.