Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Name Game

It's recently come to my full attention that having a baby means having to name the baby. Yes, this is an obvious realization, but at the same time, the deeper meaning behind baby naming is often overlooked.

(For example, the name "Destiny" is the number 4 name for New Mexico. It should come as no surprise that a full 1/2 of births in this state are to single mothers under 20.)

I'm not just naming a baby. I'm naming a person. I'm actually starting a new person off in life. Another potential 80 years seen on this earth. A new birthday for ever and ever. And a new name. In an instant, everything begins.

So naturally, instead of our list of potential names getting shorter, they keep getting longer. Prior to getting pregnant, I had two names for each gender picked out and ready to go--first and middle for both. I was certain what I wanted. And suddenly, I have no idea. The universe has opened up and I have this one opportunity to make a mark. Everything and anything is a potential name. I'm listening for undertones and subtleties, for words that roll off and sound good together. Names that convey power, but also sound classic.

The one thing I do know?
It has to sound good in the Name Game.


Jaime said...

What fun the name game is. Whatever you chose I know will be just perfect!

?tasha? said...

If it's a girl name it Tasha.
If it's a boy name it Tasha.
Perfect name and problem solved.
Loving YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

I have recently heard a story of one of my fellow classmates who is pregnant . . . if it is a boy her husband will name the child 'arrow godzilla' . . . and if it is a girl she will be named something equally strange I just can't quite remember what.