Monday, September 24, 2007

News-Wordy Events

Tonight the headlines for the ABQ news: "Drunk woman wearing only underwear struck by semi on highway."

Why did they need to announce she was wearing only underwear? Does that strike anyone else as odd? Of course, this is coming from the news channel that interviewed a man over memorial day who said (when asked about his weekend plans), "Well, I cain't afford another DUI, so I'll probably booze it up close to home."

In other wordsmith news, this Sunday was my writing competition awards luncheon. A few weeks ago, I was notified that my submission was a "winner" in my entry category and either placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Your's Truly here won first place!

Honest to god, I was shocked. I was surprised my entry even won anything to say the least, much less first place.

So now I have reason to actually write the damn ending.

Stay tuned!

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(and can you please explain why it cost so much to fly to NM, but half as much to fly to KS?