Saturday, November 13, 2010


The last few days have been filled with joy and peace. Some days, I find my mothering groove so much easier than other; the last few days, this parenting thing has flowed naturally.

Today was a simple day. We played in the morning together and in the afternoon, we went to the library, park and grocery store. We made muffins at night, breaking the eggs and stirring the batter together. She lined the muffin tin with papers, counting up to twelve and helped spoon the batter (taking little licks along the way). We read Madeleine books and laughed as Miss Clavel ran fast and faster before I tucked her in bed with a kiss.

I love days like today, when peace flows around. I have patience and hold my temper, which is something I don't always do well.

Mothering is such a tremendous joy and a terrifying job. Small sticky hands hold mine, big eyes look up at me full of trust and love and I know that somehow, I will fail her because all parents fail their children somehow, someway because we are only human. I can only hope that I do right by my child to the best of my ability. I hope that I can lead her and teach her how to be a kind person, a compassionate person, a person who knows that she is worthy of love and respect.


Nightwalker said...

I think you are going to do it well =D
she will be a good person, but dont worry about fail her, as you said all parents fails their children, the important thing about that is to be able to notice you are failing and correct the problem.
I think parents fails because they are obstinate, so try to put yourself on her shoes anytime you can and you wont fail.

Have a nice day

João Victor Araripe said...
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MacDuff said...

You write very well – good luck

Salma Abas said...

You bring tears to my eyes. It brought back the memories of my 'growing pains'

morrow said...

Know how you feel. Mothering has its easy days and not so easy days! Glad you had an easy one. My thing is I am not a morning person and I want quiet and peace in the morning and I have two kids who like loud in the morning! Hard to be patient and not get upset sometimes, but we hang there!

morrow said...

whoops meant hang in there - see I am having one of those days -

raquel said...


Pain SUX said...

Joy and peace, that's all I ask for in a day...and I don't mean the whole, I have five kids!!!

Any part of the day is fine with me :)