Saturday, September 16, 2006

Catch Up

Sorry it's been a while. Things have been busy in ABQ. Let me fill you in.

A). Friend Sasaki came to visit for a few days on her way to California. We had an amazing adventure involving some natural hot springs, a gorgeous hippy man and some parking lot nudity. Here's a shot from the hotsprings:

Neat, huh?

B). Work sent us to Phoenix to get trained in a special database so I got to go back to my sunny state of Arizona. It was so wonderful to walk off the plane into that blinding sun and heat. I got to see several of my friends who had migrated to Phoenix from Tucson after graduation. It was so nice to see them again, to feel like a normal person with friends, someone to call after work. I cried a little when the plane's wheels left the ground, heading towards ABQ. I don't know when I'll be back again.

C). Currently the New Mexico State Fair is consuming my life. Work has a vendor booth where we sit and hand out fliers about our programs for hours at a time. I don't know that I've been to a state fair back East, but this one is very....cowboy. Like, real cowboy. EVERYWHERE. With tall thin men in tight jeans, wearing hats wider than they walking with women in tapered-leg jeans and hair almost as large as the cowboy hat. It's so....Western?

So this is currently my life. I miss home so accutely, like punch in my stomach.
I just want to go home.

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