Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Bend and Not Break

I'm self-medicating loneliness with shopping. I've never thought of myself as a real shopaholic. I mean, I've always been able to go into a store and not buy things, but it seems that when my beloved walked out on me, so did my ability to deny myself material goods.

Good thing my credit card limit was raised.

My new obsession is music. I realized I'm completely out of touch with the music scene and as part of my new improved lonely self, I'm trying to break out of my usual Top 40 radio stations. Enough Jessica Simpson and Matchbox 20. I'm going for edgy, moody and totally depressed (pass me the black eyeliner).

So I've been spending money like water the last few days, but I promise I'm stopping soon. I gotten five new indie CDs and three books, one blazer, a new bra, three pairs of panties, plus the digital camera of last weekend (I really need to figure out how to work it).

So far, the one CD I've listened to is good (just moody enough). The blazer looks really nice, but I'm not sure if I'll keep it (perhaps too uptight?). The panties are mesh (colorful tush). The bra is padded (Very Sexy from VS). The books are in the mail (like I have time to read?). The digital camera was very useful last night during our first intermural soccer game--we played Hillel (how f---ing appropriate?) and kicked their asses.

Breaking out of a mold is never easy, so right now, I'm just bending a little, hoping I won't snap.

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