Tuesday, October 12, 2004

More Moore

Last night, Michael Moore came to U of A at the McKale Stadium. The stadium was completely full, much like a night during basketball season. Approximately 15,000 people from the University and the community came.

Of course there were the die-hard Bush supporters, out protesting as you walked up to McKale. It was actually rather like walking the gauntlet, with people on either side of you screaming "Four More Years" and waving posters in your face; like by shouting at me, I was suddenly going to think, "Oh my god, they're SO right! Bush DOES deserve 4 more years!" Right.

Moore was hysterical. He definitely did some ragging on the few Bush supporters that continually (and rudely) interrupted his speech. (I'm all for free speech, but for crying out loud people, y'alls right to free speech doesn't give you the right to impede my right to hear! Have some fucking manners. Seriously.) Moore also did some imitations of Bush during the first debate, like when he suddenly said in the middle of speaking, "Let me finish" even when no one had interrupted.

But I think, most importantly, he had a lot to say on the state of our nation. He reiterated domestic issues at home (No Child Left Behind funding, lack of healthcare), most of which get shoved aside in the "threat" of terror. He reminded that creating a society where everyone benefits, even the most wealthy benefit, too. A happier society is a safer society. He read a letter from a US soldier in Iraq (during which, the incredibly rude Bush supporters wouldn't stop yelling and had to be escorted away by the police), which was very touching.

But most importantly, he reached out to the younger voters, the ones that campaign officials often forget. He reminded us that our jobs, education loans, healthcare will depend on the outcome of this election, so get off our asses and go vote. And he's right.

So once again, I walked away from a political conversation wondering how anyone could listen to the domestic problems our country has and actually believe that Bush is worth re-electing. My Bush-voting friends (what few I have--if any!), really educate yourselves about the true issues in this election, not just the rhetoric that swirls around "terrorism." If you can look at the state of our military (slashed pay and benefits in the middle of a war), our schools (mandated NCLB, but no $), the 45 million without healthcare, the loss of jobs, the environment, assualt weapons ban and still in good conscience vote for Bush, I'd be surprised.

My argument isn't Republican vs Democrat. There have been bad Democrats in office, just like there is a bad Republican in office. Just because he's in your party doesn't mean the policies that he's creating are good for the country. Maybe for once, we could look beyond the party labels and make decisions based on what's really good for America.

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