Saturday, October 23, 2004

Conversations with Bacardi

Last night, I realized that I'm making real friends. Tasha and Anneke have been amazing to me. Calling every few hours to make sure that I'm okay, making me go out with them instead of lying in bed listening to the Bridget Jones's Diary soundtrack on repeat ("Alllllllll by myselllllllllllllf...Don't want to beeeeee.....Alllllllll by mysellllllllllllllf.........Anymoooooooooooooore").

Last night, Anneke called and made me come over to bake cookies and watch movies. She surprised Tasha and me with a bottle of Bacardi and frozen drink mix (mmm). We never got to the movie watching segment of the evening ("Girl Next Door" and "Saved"), but instead ended up talking the whole night. It was wonderful. And I realized, as I watched them busy around the kitchen, that we are becoming real friends, girlfriends. It was a great feeling, watching a common friendship morphing into a deeper one.

And the main topic of coversation was....Halloween costumes!

We've decided that we're all going to go as Wizard of OZ characters. Anneke's going as a munchkin (she's short), Tasha as Glenda (she's cute), and I'm the Wicked Witch of the West (I'm evil?). I'm so excited. I've never gotten truly dressed up for Halloween before. I've done the "ho" stuff--but the most I've ever bought was a fur-lined coat and a red cowboy hat to be a pimp. This is like REAL thing! I've even convinced my friend Andrew to be my evil flying monkey!

And the irony that as a child I was not allowed to watch OZ because of the witch AND not allowed to trick-or-treat (Satan's holiday), and that my first costume for Halloween is the witch from OZ does not escape me. Ahh, yes, Mummy and Daddy. How far we stray....

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