Sunday, October 03, 2004

Guiding my Diet

So, I finally finished my 20 page paper, after a long agonizing week. I did nothing else. Well, that's not entirely true. I did a lot of procrastinating and messing around, but I refused to allow myself to work on any other homework besides my paper. Wouldn't want to distract myself.

Now, it's on to another assignment. Grad school supplies a never-ending flood of assignment, all longer and more pointless than before. This one deals with the new dietary guidelines that will be put out in 2005. The guidelines say stuff like, "Control calorie intake to manage body weight" and "Choose fats wisely for good health."

However, there's been a bit of an outrage across various food associations (ex: National Dairy Council, etc) because they don't have a good spot on the new food pyramid. The National Soft Drink Industry just released a statement about the "scientific inaccuracies of the new dietary guidelines and added sugars." Basically, the 2005 guidelines says limit your intake of added sugars--sodas, for example. Well, the National Soft Drink Association (or whatever) is arguing that there is no REAL scientific evidence that added sugar is soft drinks is bad for your health OR causes added intake of empty calories. And god forbid people actual limit their intake of Coke! The dairy industry is upset because the guidelines mentions lactose intolerance. The dairy people argue that that teensy medical problem shouldn't stop you from eating dairy! No matter if your stomach hurts! Ah the politics of it.

Uh-oh. I hear my kitchen cabinets banging. My cat has learned how to open all my cabinets and likes to pull things out and make a mess...and get stuck inside. Must go rescue.

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