Sunday, December 05, 2004


Last night, I went to my first office holiday party. Ironically, it wasn't even my office. Oh, but the craziness of office parties is so true.

It was held at this steakhouse on the outskirts (i.e. desert) of Tucson where they flame-grill the meat outside, rain or shine. And damn, it was rainy last night. The parking lot isn't paved and the muddy waters ran in rivlets across my pink ballet flats. The outside is rustic and the interior decor consisted of boar heads hanging on the walls (with poinsetta flowers in their mouths for the Christmas touch).

We had our choice of dinners and I chose medium-rare filet mignon. I've never had filet mignon before (and judging by the expense of it, probably won't again for a very long time) but it was so tender, like proverbial butter melting in my mouth. I've never eaten anything so delicious so slowly. I honestly wanted to cry as the last forkful went into my mouth. I'm not a meat person normally, but I could eat meat like that every day. God, just thinking about it now is making me salivate....right. I'm getting carried away.

Anyways, there was dancing and a little drunkeness, although not on my part (still recovering from the tiara experience the night before). It was fun to watch all these older office folks loosen up and let go. The mayor of Tucson's wife was there and she was getting down with the electric slide at one point. She also stroked my back. Weird.

So my first office party was a success. I'm starting to look forward to adulthood and office parties if I can break it down like some women did last night!

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