Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I just realized, as I sit here watching Simpsons reruns on DVD, that my procrastination extends beyond schoolwork into the everydayness of my life. In a major way.

It's almost midnight, I am leaving on a jet plane tomorrow at 6:30 for the wintery frigidness of Northern VA, and I still have to pack and wash my kitchen floor.

What is wrong with me? Why when I have nothing to do I am unable to complete even the most minor of tasks? When I am overwhelmed and overloaded, I become an efficient machine, cranking out 2o page papers and biostats homework with the greatest of ease. However, I've had since LAST TUESDAY to wash my kitchen floor (that's seven days!) and during that time, I've had absolutely no obligations to anyone or anything (except alcohol), yet I've still managed to put off the distasteful task of cleaning until six hours before I have to leave for the airport.

God forbid I ever become a full-duty housewife. I'd neglect my children and the house still wouldn't be clean since I'd be watching reruns of trashy sitcoms and glugging vodka straight from the bottle with an ashy ciggie hanging between my idle fingers.

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