Sunday, December 19, 2004


Let the following be a warning to all you would-be medical students.

Last night, my Partner-In-Crime, Meigan, hosted a kegger to celebrate the end of the semester, the Christmas season and just because we can. My friend Tasha was designated as the dry driver since she's been sick (Valley Fever?).

The kegger rocked. I had a blast--ran around kissing boys and sneaking cigarettes behind closed doors with a perpetually full beer in my hand.

We left about 2am, all six of us piled into Tasha's tiny Volkswagon. We were about half-way to Jim's house, when I looked over at the Med Student, crushed between me and Jonah. His face had turned an sickly, ashen gray. I yelled for Tasha to pull over and she swerved off Campbell and on 2nd St. The Med Student stumbled out of the car and lost his last few beers on the curb. He slithered to the ground and sort of moaned; I realized Tasha had pulled over right behind the campus police station and the MS was losing his marbles in their back driveway.

After he moaned for a while and recouped a little, we loaded him back in the car, pulled out onto Campbell, and immediate pulled off on the other side of 2nd for the Med Student to lean his head out the window and lose another beer or two down the side of Tasha's car.

So let that be a lesson to you, oh future medical students. Do not neglect your alcohol consumption and "going out" experiences because you will lose tolerance and at the age of 26 consume alcohol like you're still in high school.

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Cliff said...

Yes, if you go to medical school, you will lose the ability to party like you're perpetually on spring break. And you will also learn that the warnings on the labels of the medicines you take that discuss potential interactions with the medication and alcohol may actually be true! Thank you to those who cared for me that semi-unfortunate evening. Party on!